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Respect the cock.... 
12:32pm 08/07/2006
mood: thirsty
While I was at the London Film and Comic Con last weekend one of the stalls had some authentic movie memorabilia.

Here's one that I figured you'd all like...had it not been for the horrendous price tag I would have brought it home with me.

Seduce and Destroy

The business card to the left of it (with price tag) gives you an idea of how big this thing is!

I've got other pictures from the comic con over here if you're interested.
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02:47pm 11/06/2006

(More under the cut...)
Magnolia moodtheme 
11:40am 10/03/2006
  My Magnolia caps seemed to be very popular, so I've made a Magnolia moodtheme for LJ users to snag and enjoy.

Here's a sample....

magnolia Mood Theme Preview

Rules and zip files over here at my journal.
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Is this allowed? 
08:56pm 22/02/2006
  Please delete this post if it's not allowed.

As most of you here probably know, I'm a Magnolia-worshipper. And its cast. And I've just set up a new community, pshoffman. I thought it was about time that my favourite movie actor got his own webspace - it's great that he's getting such recognition (and several awards!) for his latest film. Finally more people are beginning to notice him!
Magnolia screencaps 
01:36am 27/10/2005
mood: hyper
I've uploaded nearly 250 screencaps from the movie Magnolia to my Flickr account.


The whole movie has been capped and uploaded, but I've also got the .zip file if you want to take the lot.

Sample thumbnails, links and rules are over here at my journal.
12:58am 19/07/2005
  does anyone have the still from the movie where it says, 'but it did happen' on the screen?  
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11:02pm 25/05/2005
  Does anyone know how old Jeremy Blackman is?  
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08:49pm 25/03/2005
mood: cold
I watched it yesterday and it still is aweomse!! :o) P.T. Anderson and every actor/actress in that film are amazing!!!
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"This is something that happens"... 
06:57am 18/03/2005
mood: contemplative
Hey everyone. I just joined this community. I ama die hard magnolia fanatic!!!! I listen to the ST all the time. I'm addicted to it all! :-) Just wanted to come & say hi!
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10:54pm 29/01/2005
  I made a Magnolia shirt. I thought I'd share it just to get some perspectives.

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10:43pm 17/01/2005
  Is there anywhere in particular (other than E-Bay) to buy decent merch from the movie? I'm looking for tee shirts or hoodies or something with magnolia related themes.  
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01:40pm 21/11/2004
mood: awake
Magnolia has been a favourite of mine since I saw it.. what an incredibly unique film! Paul Thomas Anderson is pure genius!
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The Worm 
12:01pm 26/09/2004
  I've heard and read rumours about the meaning behind Dixon's rap. The stories range from references to Masonic lore to biblical allegory. There are various ideas out there, what's your take on it?

Presence—with a double ass meaning
Gifts I bestow
With my riff, and my flow
But you can't hear me though
Think fast, catch me, yo
Cause I throw what I know
With a Resonance
Check that ego—Come off it
I'm the prophet, the professor
I'ma teach you 'bout the worm
Who eventually turned
To catch wreck with the neck
Of a longtime oppressor
If it's worth being hurt
It's worth bringing pain in
When the sunshine don't work
The Good Lord bring the rain in.
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Icons :) 
11:35pm 10/09/2004
mood: artistic
1. 2.
Collapse )

Comment and credit if you take any. :)
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11:37pm 29/07/2004
  Does anyone have any Magnolia icons for either AIM or LJ?  
10:18pm 28/07/2004
  I have seen Magnolia many times and have noticed many of the themes, but is there an ongoing list anywhere of all of them? Perhaps at a website or something?

(By the way, did anyone notice that in the movie Elephant they did many sky shots just like Magnolia?)
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But it did happen... 
11:01pm 16/07/2004
  Very, very glad to find a magnolia community here - hope to see a few other faces around here too. Lost count of the times I've seen this movie, definitely one of my desert island films.

Any film with Philip Seymour Hoffman and William H Macy was bound to get my vote, but I have developed a mild obsession with this movie over the years.

Favourite character? Phil Parma or Linda.
Favourite scene? The Wise Up scene, or Phil talking on the phone, trying to track down Frank...

"I know this sounds silly, and I know that I might sound ridiculous, like this is the scene in the movie where the guy's trying to get a hold of the long-lost son, you know, but this is that scene. This is that scene, and I think they have those scenes in movies because they're true, you know, because they really happen. And you've got to believe me, this is really happening."
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02:52am 14/07/2004
  Hello everyone

Thanks for joining! I figured it was time for a Magnolia community, and, since it's my second favorite movie (just behind The Hours if you're curious) I had to creat it.

Anyway, who's your favorite character? Least favorite? Who can you relate to the most?

My answers:

Favorites--Claudia, Stanley, and Linda

Least--Frank (though, by the end, he wins some sympathy..but I still want to smack him) and Jimmy

I can relate to Claudia (don't get me wrong, I've never used any type of drugs) and Stanley probably the most.

I can't give this film enough praise--PTA really showed off his genius here and the actors were all exceptionally phenomenal. IMO it was, hands down, Best Picture of 1999.
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Just Thought I'd Say... 
05:51pm 13/07/2004
  To get the ball rolling. BEST movie ever. I even have a tattoo of a frog on my left arm for it. I plan on getting tattoed on my back somewhere: This is something that happens.  
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