Sam (honeyfitz) wrote in magnoliamovie,

But it did happen...

Very, very glad to find a magnolia community here - hope to see a few other faces around here too. Lost count of the times I've seen this movie, definitely one of my desert island films.

Any film with Philip Seymour Hoffman and William H Macy was bound to get my vote, but I have developed a mild obsession with this movie over the years.

Favourite character? Phil Parma or Linda.
Favourite scene? The Wise Up scene, or Phil talking on the phone, trying to track down Frank...

"I know this sounds silly, and I know that I might sound ridiculous, like this is the scene in the movie where the guy's trying to get a hold of the long-lost son, you know, but this is that scene. This is that scene, and I think they have those scenes in movies because they're true, you know, because they really happen. And you've got to believe me, this is really happening."
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